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FSI Bags


East Coast Filter, Inc. is your #1 Supplier for Replacement FSI Bag Filters!

Simply contact your East Coast Filter, Inc. Representative or click Here to request a quote for the exact bag that you require for your application. 

Product Family Pall/FSI Product East Coast Filter, Inc. Replacement ECF Literature
Felt Filter Bags
PONG/PENG Standard Felt Bag Filters (POG & PES)
POEX/PEEX Double Layer Felt Bags (POG & PES)
BHT Standard Liquid Felt Nomex (HT)
Mesh Filter Bags
NMO Standard Mesh Filter Bags (NMO)
PEM Standard Mesh Filter Bags (PEMU)
PMO Standard Mesh Filter Bags (POMO)
Microfiber Filter Bags POMF High Efficiency Microfiber Filter Bags (POMF & PEMF) High Efficiency Microfiber Bags
Seamless Bags BOS BOSA Absolute Rated High Efficiency Microfiber Bags