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Sorbents & Spill Containments

20 Gallon Spill Kit

The 20 Gallon Drum Spill Kits have a sorbent capacity of 14 Gallons which makes it perfect for quick spill response. Each kit is filled with the proper materials to help in any situation.

Bonded Meltblown Pads and Rolls

These Pads and Rolls help provide a cleaner and safer working environment due to its increased surface area which allows for liquids to absorb faster. Available in multiple sizes and weights makes it perfect for any spill.

Oil Only Sock

Meant for Oil only applications because it will not absorb water or water based liquids.

Scrim Wipes

Scrim wipers are low linting wipers made easily accessible in a pop up box. These wipers are ideal for windows, smooth surfaces, and general cleanups especially in the industrial, janitorial and convenience store applications

Truck Spill Kit

The compact design of our trucker spill kit allows for easy storage behind the seat or in a storage compartment. The kit allows drivers to act quickly when responding to a spill.