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Sorbents & Spill Containments



Bonded Meltblown Pads and Rolls

These Pads and Rolls help provide a cleaner and safer working environment due to its increased surface area which allows for liquids to absorb faster. Available in multiple sizes and weights makes it perfect for any spill.


Linkable booms are used to contain and absorb spills on or off water. The built in Stainless Steel connectors link Booms together to cover large areas of water. Each Boom is encased with a lint free Polyester sock that prevents shedding.

Dewatering Bag

Dewatering Bags are used to remove both oils and sediment from a body of water. Simply attach the end of a hose and pump water through it. The extremely durable Geotextile material will eliminate hydrocarbons and sediment while still allowing the clean water to filter through.

Drain Guards

This storm water Drain Guard is designed for use in many applications, specificaly in industrial facilities, construction sites, and parking lots. The Guard contains an oil-absorbent pillow that removes oils and greases from water flow as it passes through the Drain Guard.

Drain Protectors

Drain Protectors are used to stop spills before they go down the drain. They are heavy enough to give a tight seal, yet light enough to be portable and easy-to-use.

Drum Tops

Keep your drum contaminants area neat and clean with these pre-cut 55 Gallon drum tops. These tops fit snug on the top of the standard 22" diameter drum so it can collect all spills and contaminents that may leak out of the drum.

Spill Kits

With a wide variety of sizes, we are sure to have the Spill kit perfect for your application!