DP Green Pleated Filters

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The DP-Green Extended Surface Pleat Filters are made in accordance with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for sustainability in regards to human and public health.

The two-inch depth of the DP-Green makes installation easy and user friendly. There is no need to retrofit existing air handlers or equipment to accommodate the DP-Green. The low initial resistance also helps to promote low energy consumption. The DP-Green can be used in almost any building where better indoor air quality is desired, such as existing commercial properties, universities, school systems and government institutions.



• 1”, 2”, and 4” Thickness
• 17.5 Pleats Per Foot
• LEED/Green Compliant
• 100% Synthetic Media
• MERV 13 (Mechanical)
• 80-90% Efficiency



Heavy Duty Beverage Board Frame
• Moisture resistant
• Stands up to rough handling
• Long Service Life
• New die cut pattern increases contact points between the media pack & die cut by 50%

Two Piece Frame Construction
• Double wall thickness around the outer edge
• Integral die cut cross members - gives added strength and rigidity

Pleat Stabilizers
• 4” Deep Filters
• Individual die cut fingers that separate and stabilize each pleat
• Consistent pleat alignment - enhances dust holding capacity for longer service life

Coated Galvanized Steel Pleat Support

• Maximum rust resistance
• Minimizes resistance and improves dirt loading characteristics throughout the life of the filter


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