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Cartridge Filters



Carbon Block Cartridge

The Pentair CBC Series Cartridges are highly effective at reducing unwanted bad taste and odor as well as chlorine taste from potable drinking water. CBC Series Cartridges are an ideal choice for a wide range of residential, food service, commercial and industrial applications.

Drinking Water Carbon Cartridge

The Pentair C Series Drinking Water Cartridges offer an economical solution for all of your general-purpose water filtration needs. Constructed of a Carbon Impregnated Cellulose Media, these dual-purpose cartridges filter out fine sediment particles and reduce unwanted taste and odor from your tap water. External netting and outer wrap provides additional strength and dirt holding capacity.

Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge

The Pentair CC Series Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges are an excellent choice to reduce unwanted chlorine taste, odor, and certain VOCs from potable drinking water. They contain Coconut Shell-Based Activation Carbon, which produces drinking water of exceptional taste and quality.

QCR Cartridge

In order to ensure the safety of the water supply, standards have been established that define the minimum performance requirements for material and components of water treatment systems. The QCR Cyst Reduction filter contains an absolute 1 micron filter media designed to exceed the ANSI/NSF Standard 53 of 99.95% for the removal of cysts based upon the Polystyrene challenge in water.

Stratum A Series Cartridge

Stratum A Series Melt Blown depth filters deliver 99.9% efficiency at the stated micron for the most demanding applications. By utilizing ultra fine fibers and controlled thermal bonding, the Stratum A Series retains captured contaminant even at higher differential pressures.

Stratum C Series Cartridges

For critical customer applications requiring precise and repeatable depth filtration, the Graver Stratum C Series melt blown filters deliver exceptional performance. With a multi-zoned construction, true clarifying filtration is achieved with no uploading of captured containment.

WaterTec Cartridges

The WaterTEC Filter Series is constructed of absolute rated, hydrophilic asymmetric Polyethersulfone membrane and Polypropylene components. The filter is designed for overall filtration economy and provides excellent flow rates and throughputs.

ZTEC B Cartridge

Provide highly consistent performance for bioburden reduction and particle removal across a wide range of beverage, pharmaceutical and biological fluids. The hydrophilic PES membrane filters provide exceptional flow rates, long on-stream life, broad chemical compatibility and have no added surfactants to contribute to extractables.