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ECF-250 Series

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East Coast Filter’s ECF-250 Series Filter is a Media Filter Vessel designed to treat various liquid streams. While the typical design application is an Activated Carbon Adsorbtion unit, the filter can be easily modified to accomodate many grades of media and resins.



• Dissolved Organic Removal (Activated Carbon)
• Suspended Solids Removal (Sand Filter)
• Dissolved Minerals (Softener Resin)
• Oil and Grease Removal (Organo-Clays)
• Dissolved and Precipitated Metals Removal
• Special Organics (Resin/Carbon Blend)
• Caralytic Reactor (Chlorine and Peroxide Removal)
• Bio-Remediation Contractor Unit



• Overall Height - 4' 1"

• Diameter - 24"

• Inlet/Outlet (FNPT) - 2"

• Drain/Vent (FNPT) - OPT/0.5"

• GAC Fill - 250 Lbs.

• Vessel Materials - Carbon Steel (SA-36)

• Internal Piping Materials - SCH 40 PVC

• Internal Coating - Coal Tar Epoxy Resin

• External Coating - Eposxy Mastic

• Design Pressure - 40 PSIG

• Temperature 140°F


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