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Stainless Steel Plate and Frame

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The liquid to be filtered enters the Star Filter by way of an inlet manifold formed by the inlet ports when the press is closed.  The inlet manifold is ported into the frames.  All of the frames are filled simultaneously.  When the frames are filled with liquid, the pressure generated by the filter’s feed pump pushes the liquid through the filter sheets loaded onto each side of the frame and into the corresponding plates between each frame.  The solids are trapped inside the frames by this filtration action.



• Sludge frames of open design

• Fabricated stainless steel construction

• Closed delivery - internal porting

• USDA approved  Heavy-duty SS side bars

• Precision-machined plates, frames, and heads

• Stainless steel drain pan

• Raising blocks or casters 

• Made in USA  Smooth-acting, dependable press screw closure w/ hydraulic sealing on some models 

• Standard, sanitary 4” pressure gauge

• Filter media doubles as gasketing material 

• Utilizes low-cost paper filter media or cloth filter media

• High ratio of filtration area to floor space 

• Extra-large inlet port in



• Food and Beverage

• Mining

• Metalworking

• Pharmaceuticals

• Cosmetics

• Biotech Processing

• Chemical and Petrochemical Processing


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