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Sorbent Socks

Corncob Sorbent Sock

This extremely moldable sorbent sock is great for fitting around tight corners and edges.

Hazmat Sorbent Socks

Use Hazmat Socks for Cuastic fluids or fluids of an unknown origin. These 100% Polypropylene socks will soak up nearly any acid, base or solvent. Color-coded, so you know what to expect when you see them being used.

Oil Only Sorbent Socks

Meant for Oil only applications because it will not absorb water or water based liquids.

Super Absorbent Sorbent Socks

Super Absorbent Socks are comprised of Cellulose and a Polymer blend. These socks are extremely absorbent to liquids and also retain liquids very well.

Universal Sorbent Socks

The Universal Sorbent Socks are the most versatile Sock available on the market. They are able to absorb both aggressive and non-aggressive liquids.