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Temporary Inline Stainless Steel Strainer

The basket or element is the heart of the strainer.  After a particular type of strainer housing has been selected, equal concern should be given to the basket or screen design and the perforation or mesh size, for this alone determines the ultimate functionality and performance of the strainer.



Slanted (Elliptical) Top

The slanted open top design allows fluid to enter easily and cuts down pressure drop. This also allows inline connections on fabricated bodies, and also the use of smaller baskets in multi-basket strainers so that these can be removed easily by one person, even on very large units.



Elements (Screens)ScreenTemp..jpg

Used in self cleaning strainers instead of baskets to trap unwanted particles and debris. These items are designed so that debris is easily dislodged during backwashing, and can be made from perforated plate, sinter bonded mesh and wedge wire.



Pleated (Convoluted)PleatedTemp.01.jpg

The Pleated temporary strainer, also known as Convoluted open type baskets have a very low pressure drop. The convoluted or pleated structure allows for a much greater straining area than any of the other designs due to the increase in surface area.





Standard Baskets with bow-shaped handles which are pushed down by the cover to ensure a tight seal in the strainer body. This is the standard type of perforated or mesh basket available in Stainless Steel or Monel.



Cone and BasketConeTemp.00.jpg

Standard Cones and Baskets are made for the new pipeline start-up service and also for systems where solid contaminants are not prevalent, but where protection of piping system components is desirable



• Mesh liners of 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 (best with basket type strainers)
• Line flushing after any modification work
• 2" to 24" flanged connection
• Available in Stainless Steel or Monel
• ANSI Classes 150, 300, and 600
• Perforations from 1/32" to1/2" diameter
• Optional: Alloy construction, RTJ-style connections



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