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Oil Filters

Cellulose Elements

The Hilco PL Series Elements consist of the Microgard 3Ply Element and the Safegard Single Ply Element. These cartridges are comprised of five sizes and six media grades to satisfy every filtration requirement.

Coalesing Elements

Coalescing Oil Filter Elements are designed for general industrial applications where exact performance is not required such as in fuel oil, diesel, product pipelines and many liquids of lighter specific gravity. The Coalescing Media gives the element an increased surface area which allows for low velocity separation of ultra fine oil mist

High Pressure Hydraulic Elements

High Pressure Hydraulic Elements are deigned to protect cylinders, motors, valves from malfunctioning due to the higher pressure involved. In doing this the High Pressure Hydraulic Filters allow the machines to have a longer life and better control.

Microglass Elements

The Microglass Media Oil Filter Elements are designed for maximum filtration performance in a wide range of oil, water, and chemical fluid applications. These elements provide high structural integrity and chemically resistant media to handle tough industrial filtration problems.

Spin on Elements

The 8900 and 9000 Series Spin On Elements are used as process and safety filters which protect individual pumps, valves or the hydraulic circuit from contamination. With minimal maintenance, the element can be replaced in a matter of seconds which allows for little downtime.

Synthetic Elements

The synthetic media used in these cartridges makes it impervious to water. As a result, the cartridge is well suited for stream turbine lube and hydraulic oils as well as a other applications including those which should deteriorate a standard cellulose paper cartridge.

Water Absorbing Elements

The Hilsorb dryer features high-volume solid particulate and water removal capacity. The patented pleated construction permits higher flow rates at lower pressure drops than other dryer cartridges.