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Cellulose Elements

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Hilco PL Filter Cartridges for filtration of Oils and other fluids.


The Hilco PL Microgard™ and Safegard™ Series of cartridges are comprised of five sizes and six media grades to satisfy every filtration requirement. Microgard™ is a 3 Ply sandwich element with Microglass Core. The Safegard™ is a premium grade, single Ply Resin Bonded Cellulose in controlled radious-pleat construction.


The 310 and 511 size cartridges feature strong Urethane ends and Nylon Center tubes for added structural support.


The 718 and 736 sizes have Tin-Plated Metal end caps and the Steel center tubes.



• Controlled radius pleats that maximize filtration area and dirt-holding capacity.

• Large outside radium and small inside radius pleats for strong, uniformly spaced pleats to resist bunching, distortion, and rupture.

• Rugged end caps and center tubes.

• Reliable end gaskets to prevent fluid by-pass

• Collapse Pressure: 100 PSID

• Maximum Service Temperature: 250F


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