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Ink Capsule Filters

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The use of quality inkjet filtration products is essential to reduce print head or fine nozzle blockages, increasing productivity, decreasing maintenance, improving print quality and minimizing costs. Enhanced cleanliness through filtration of aqueous or solvent based fluids and colorants within inkjet machinery, allow higher flow rates and therefore accelerated printing times.

This main system filter is specifically designed for the requirement of digital inkjet printer filtration. The self contained unit is designed around an all Polypropylene construction with no binding agents, to give low extractables and ensure 100% compatibility with inkjet fluids. Our ink filter media is designed to provide consistent batch to batch ink quality, long run periods between purge cycles and minimum hold-up volume to reduce wastage and product loss during change out.

Our media is FDA approved and we apply full quality procedures throughout our manufacturing and testing processes in accordance with our ISO accreditation. We continue to invest in the research of new materials and material forms for filtration and separation techniques to meet the future needs of our customers.



• All capsule filters are available for standard solvent and UV ink systems.
• Capsule filters are pressure tested to guarantee capsule integrity.
• All filter housing is high grade Polypropylene.
• An integrated Vyon® core gives added security.
• Operating temperature from 0°C to 50°C.
• 6 bar operating pressure
• High throughput.
• Multiple connectors.
• UV and solvent ink compatible.
• Large active filter area.
• Low pressure drop.
• Excellent particle retention.

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