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Specialty Cartridge



BRHNY+ Endotoxin Removal Cartridge

BRHNY Series Bio-Burden Reduction Grade Nylon Plus+ Filter Cartridge feature Nylon 6,6 Membrane with an advanced positively-charged surface modification that is highly efficient in capturing submicronic particulate matter much finer than the stated mechanical rating.

Final Sterile

Graver Technologies Replacement A and B Filters, for Steris Machines offer excellent protection for the final Sterile Filter. Replacement A and B Filters are designed to effectively protect and extend the life of the final Sterile Filter

OMAX Water Jet Filters

The OMAX Water Jet Filters are the highest quality water filters designed for applications where they could be used as the pre and post filters to remove any type of particulate.

Vent Filters

Cartridge Filters are constructed with naturally hydrophobic PTFE membrane and Polypropylene support layers and components. These filters are idea for gas vent applications and the filtration of aggressive chemicals and solvent