Cellulose Molded End Water Filters

Standard Pleated Cellulose Polyester Filter Cartridges and Big Blue Pleated Cellulose Cartridges are manufactured to be heavy duty in both wet and dry applications.

Economy Absolute Rated

These filters are absolute rated (99% efficient) available in both Polypropylene and Polyester Media with all Polypropylene hardware. 100% FDA Certified components designed for non critical applications.

Economy Nominal Rated

These filters are nominally rated (90% efficient) available in Polypropylene, Polyester and Microglass Media. Components designed for non critical applications for a variety of different process liquids.

Standard Nominal Rated

The Standard Nominal Rated comes in both Single and Multiple layers.


The uniform characteristics of the inorganic fibers found in Microglass is what enables the filter to have a dramatic increase in filtration efficiency.

High Flow Series Filter Cartridge

High Flow Series Filters feature a larger geometry to handle higher flows with fewer filter elements. The result is much faster, easier filter changeouts. In addition, the inside to outside flow allows for excellent dirt holding capacity, extending the time between filter changeouts.