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All Teflon/PFA Media

The Citadel Pleated Membrane Cartridges feature a PTFE Membrane and PFA Structural components to provide excellent chemical and temperature resistance for aggressive chemical applications such as Etchers, Strippers, Cleaners and Bulk Chemicals.

Beverage Grade

Provide highly consistent performance for bioburden reduction and particle removal across a wide range of beverage, pharmaceutical and biological fluids. The hydrophilic PES membrane filters provide exceptional flow rates, long on-stream life, broad chemical compatibility and have no added surfactants to contribute to extractables.

Economy Purpose Water Grade

The WaterTEC Filter Series is constructed of absolute rated, hydrophilic asymmetric Polyethersulfone membrane and Polypropylene components. The filter is designed for overall filtration economy and provides excellent flow rates and throughputs.

Electronics Grade

The filters are inherently hydrophilic and contain no added surfactants or wetting agents that could contaminate pure and ultrapure water streams. The PES membrane offers superior flow characteristics, high contaminant capacity and consistent removal of sub micron particles.

General Purpose Water Grade

This pleated, disposable filter element is constructed of absolute rated, Hydrophilic, asymmetric Polyethersulfone membrane with extended filter area to allow for high system flow rate.

Nylon 6,6 Membrane

The Nylon 6,6 Membrane Cartridges are compatible with a wide range of applications such as DI Water, Process Filtration, Chemicals, Electronics and Food and Beverage. Because of this, the filters are resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal stress.

Pharmaceutical Grade

ZTEC P Sterilizing Grade membrane cartridges are HIMA validated for complete bacterial retention to yield product sterility in biopharmaceutical final filtration applications.


TefTEC Cartridge Filters are constructed with naturally hydrophobic PTFE membrane and Polypropylene support layers and components.

Wine and Beer Grade

ZTEC WB Cartridge Filters utilize a Polyethersulfone membrane to provide consistent removal of spoilage organisms and inorganic particulate which offers excellent retention efficiency making it an ideal filter for the clarification of beer, wine, and bottled water.