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Absolute Multi Layer Depth Filter

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With its extra-loft, extra-life depth filter configuration, the QXL is designed for the filtration of industrial solutions containing agglomerated particles and gels or with high viscosity. Consistent absolute retention performance is achieved throughout the pleated,layer microfiber matrix. The state-of-the-art, optimized structure provides siginificantly higher flow rates and throughputs than cylindrical melt blown filters.



• Hybrid pleated depth construction combines graded pore structure with high surface area
• Constructed entirely of Polypropylene - Compatible with a broad range of solutions and chemicals
• Optimized pleat configuration - Provides the ideal combination of retention, flow rate and throughput
• Excellent gel and agglomoerated particle retention reduces defects
• Available in common end cap configurations - Retrofits easily into most filter housings.



• CMP P-O-U and Bulk Slurries
• Adhesives
• Paints

• Beverages
• Coatings
• Inks

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