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E25C Series Economy Grade Pleated Polypropylene

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East Coast Filter, Inc.'s E25C Series High Purity Economy Grade Pleated Polypropylene Filter Cartridge provide an economical, 100% Polypropylene Filter Element for removal of Fine or Coarse particulate from fluid streams.

The Pleated Depth media is encapsulated in an integral, continuous length, thermally-bonded structure for cleanliness, pressure tolerance, and chemical inertness. Offered in both absolute rated (up to 99.98% retention) and nominally rated (90% retention) grades in common adapter configurations. Manufactured in a clean-room environment to maintain high standards of purity and cleanliness. Compliant to NSF61 Certification Standards. 



Filtration Media - Polypropylene 
Support Media - Polypropylene
End Caps - Polypropylene
Center Core - Polypropylene
Outer Support Cage - Polypropylene
• O-Rings/Gaskets - Buna-N, EPDM, Silicone, Teflon Encaspulated Viton, Viton
• Outside Diameter - 2.50 Inches (6.35 cm) Nominal
• Length - 10 to 40 Inches (25.4 to 101.6 cm)

Operating Conditions
• Changeout ΔP (Recommended) - 35 PSID
• Maximum Operating Temperature - 176°F (80°C)
• Maximum Differential Pressure - 60 PSID (4.1 bar) at 68°F (20°C)



• Food & Beverage
• Deionized Water
• RO Pre-Filtration
• Process Water
• Fine Chemicals
• Plating Chemicals
• Wastewater
• Pharmaceuticals 

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