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Recycled String

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Economical and Ecological String Wound Filters

East Coast Filter, Inc. is helping manufacturers to meet cost reduction challanges by offering the RCWF String Wound Filter with 100% RECYCLED MEDIA. This economic and ecological filter uses a filter medium comprised of recycled Polypropylene, Cotton,and Polyester. Removal ratings range from 0.5 micron to 200 microns nominal. An optional Polyester Core-Cover adds a 50 micron downstream layer for additional security. A Polypropylene Core provides strength. Many other filter and core materials are also available.

Energy producers have long relied upon string wound filters to maximize production, protect producing and disposal formations, extend injection well performance, comply with environmental regulations and prevent equipment from fouling.



• Same robust construction as our standard String Wound Cartridges
• Protects producing and disposal formations
• Offers high sediment-holding-capacity for longer time between filter cartridge changes
• Comes in continuous lengths up to 72”
• Withstansd exposure to a broad range of chemicals
• Reduces TSS to assist in compliance with downstream (POTW, NPDES, etc.) requirements.



• Ground water remediation
• Flowback water
• Fracking fluids
• Completion fluids
• Waterflood
• Injection fluids
• Waste water
• Protection of dwonstream separations equipment


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