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TPM Series Filters are Porous Titanium Powder filters designed for applications involving heat, gases, aggressive chemicals, cryogenics or polymers. Made from Titanium Powder, that is sintered to form a rugged, fixed pore structure, TPM Filters are made to withstand temperature extremes, high pressures, and repeated cleaning/backwash cycles. There are no longitudinal seams, for improved mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. TPM Filters are produced in a range of configurations and micron ratings to perform in a variety of liquid and gas applications



• Constructed entirely of sintered Titanium Powder - Offers high corrosion resistance
• Cleanable/Backwashable - Allows for re-use and maximum economy
• High Temperature Sintering - No media migration
• Various Gasket/O-Ring materials and configurations - Easily retrofits most systems



• Corrosive Liquids and Gases
• Cryogenic Fluids
• High Viscosity Solutions
• Process Steam
• High Temperature Liquids and Gases
• Catalyst Recovery


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