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General Purpose Water Grade

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This pleated, disposable filter element is constructed of absolute rated, Hydrophilic, asymmetric Polyethersulfone membrane with extended filter area to allow for high system flow rate.



• 7.0 ft² (0.65 m²) of membrane surface area per 10” element - High throughput - Longer on-line service reduces costly maintenance time
• Absolute rated membrane from 0.1 to 0.65 µm
• Manufactured in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom environment
• 100% flushed with 18 MΩ cm DI water and gross integrity tested
• Fixed pore construction eliminates dirt unloading as differential pressure increases
• Low extractables


Performance Specifications:

Hot DI Water
Filter Cartridge will withstand temperaturees of 185°F (85°C) for up to 30 consecutive minutes

Compatible with most common chemcial cleaning, sanitizing and sterlizing agents and with pH range from 1-14. Consult factory for specific compatibility information.

Cartridges may be steamed or autoclaved for at least 50 thirty minute cycles at 275°F (135°C)



• Food and Beverage
• Filtration of acids and bases
• Cosmetics
• Ink
• Chemicals
• Ultra Pure water
• Aqueous Soulutions

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