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Beverage Grade

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ZTEC B Bioburden Reduction grade membrane cartridges provide highly consistent performance for bioburden reduction and particle removal across a wide range of beverage, pharmaceutical and biological fluids. The naturally hydrophilic PES membrane filters provide exceptional flow rates, long on-stream life, broad chemical compatibility and have no added surfactants to contribute to extractables. The cartridges are integrity testable and steambable to assure reliable service in critical applications.



• Manufactured in ISO Class 7 Cleanroom Enviornment
• 100% Flushed with ultrapure DI water and integrity tested
• Repeatably Steamable/Sanitizable
• High retentions up to 10²; challenged for bacteria and yeast
• Pore size, lot and serial number are stamped on each filter element for identification and traceability
• Complete qualification guide available
• Quick wet treatment available


Product Specifications:

Hot DI Water
Filter cartridge will withstand temperatures of 185°F (85°C) for up to 30 consecutive minutes

Compatible with most common chemical cleaning, sanitizing and sterilizing agents and with pH range from 1-14. Consult the factory for specifc compatibilty information.

Cartridges may be steamed or autoclaved for at least 50 thirty minute cycles at 275°F (135°C)

Typical Bacterial Retention Performance
0.2 µm:        LRV for B. Diminuta ≥ 7.8
0.45 µm:      LRV for S. Marcescens ≥ 8.5
0.65 µm:      LRV for S. Cerevisiae ≥ 11



• Bottled Water
• Ophthalmic Solutions
• Culture Media
• Reagent Chemicals
• LVPs
• Buffers
• Juices

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