Specialty OEM Bags

Big Blue Bags

Big Blue Filter Bags are designed to filter fine sediment, sand, rust, silt, and scale particles inside of the Big Blue Bag Vessel. Since the bag is compatible with many corrosive fluids, the Big Blue Filter Bags can be used in a variety of applications.

Depth Bag

The POHD Series Depth Liquid Filter Bags have a longer Life, and Maximum Dirt Loading than traditional bag filters. The media allows for low initial pressure drop, large dirt holding capacity, longer service life, and precise particle retention.

Extended Capacity

The Extended Capacity Bag Filter has a new and innovative design. It is all welded construction and allows for an increase in surface area (around 62% more) when compared to a regular Size #1 and Size #2 filter bag.

High Pressure Coolant Bag Filters

East Coast Filter's High Pressure Coolant Bag Filters are made of the highest quality media in order to provide the highest particle retention and largest solids-loading capacity. These bags are the ideal choice when quality is important.

Media Bag Filters

East Coast Filters Media Bags are filled with Granular Activated Carbon or Resin and are used in a wide range of applications where odor, chemicals, chlorine or metals need to be removed.

Replacement Neptune Bag Filters

The Neptune Model FTF Replacement Bag Filters are made specifically to be used in The Neptune Pot Filter Feeder. The Neptune Filter Feeder combines chemical addition and high capacity filtering in one piece of equipment.