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Standard PEPT Bag

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The Polyester Phenolic Treatment (PEPT) design incorporates single or dual layers of fully infused Phenolic Resin treated Polyester Felt for optimum performance. The PEPT’s non-compressible depth fibers are more effective than conventional filters in retaining gel-like particles. Inline cartridges, which accumulate debris on the outside of the element and are more prone to debris falling off during change out, PEPT’s filter bags contain the contaminants securly inside the bag, making filter change-out much cleaner.

The proven gradient density of a dual layer of the PEPT bag coupled with the increased surface area results in enhanced efficiencies and increased filter life. This not only ensures the integrity of the filtration process, it builds an affective pre-filter cake that promotes higher efficiencies without high pressure drop or loss of flow capacity.



• Micron Ratings from 1 to 100
• Broad chemical compatibility
• Handles on all bags
• Choice of Steel Ring or Plastic Flange
• Excellent removal of gel-like particles
• Disc bottom for ease of installation and fit in basket

Flange Guide

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