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NDC Series Pleated Bag Filter

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East Coast Filter introduces a new Nominal Rated Filter Cartridge, the NDC Pleated Filter.

Due to the unique design of this pleated cartridge, it provides 5 to10 times the surface area (depending on micron). Dirt holding capacity and efficiency are maximized by pleating two layers of Nominal Felt to create a pre-filter and final filter layer.

The two layer pleat pack is designed for a higher flow applications with a lower initial pressure drop. Thermally bonded end caps prevent particulate by pass.


• Available in Polyester or Polypropylene construction
• Micron ratings from 1 - 200
• Fits most Size #1 or #2 strainer baskets
• Polypropylene and Polyester materials meet FDA regulations for food contact under CFR21, Section 177.1520
• Broad Chemical Compatibility
• Temperature ratings to 200°F (PO) and 275°F (PE)
• Silicone-free construction
• Nominal Efficiency rating of 87%

Important Purchasing Information:

Please note the sizing of the vessel this cartridge bag will be used in.This is important information when choosing whether to use a Big cap or Small Cap. Usually these designs have a basket O-Ring Seal to prevent bypass.

• The Big Sealing Cap Seals on the ID of Vessel (which is above the basket) - Diameter is 7-1/8"

• The Small Sealing Cap Seals on teh ID of the Basket - Diameter is 6-5/8"


Flange Guide

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Other Sizes available. Consult factory for details.