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Media Bag Filters

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East Coast Filter’s Media Bags are used in a wide range of applications where odor, chemicals, chlorine or metals need to be removed.

The Standard Polyester Bag has an added mesh lining to hold the Granular Activated Carbon or Resin and acts as another filter to remove Soluble Hydrocarbons, Toxins, and/or Dissolved Metals. Each bag is filled with approximately 0.25 Cu. Ft. (Size #1), 0.50 Cu. Ft. (Size #2) and 0.06 Cu. Ft. (Size #4) of Granular Activated Carbon or Resin. The extensive Media surface area allows for the liquid to have longer contact time in order to increase absoprtion. Each Polyester Bag is 5 Micron for additional sediment removal.



Carbon - Effective at removing Chlorine, Odors, Mercury, Lead, various heavy metals, toxic organic Chemicals, solvents, oils and grease
Resin - Reduction of Dissolved Metals and Ions.
• 5 Micron Bag for additional sediment removal
• Low pressure drop
• High Capacity - allows for longer contact time and an increase in absorption capacity.



• Water Purification
• Bottled Water
• Beverage/Liquor Processing
• Pharmaceutical
• Waste Water Treatment
• Pre-RO


• Automotive
• Electronics
• Semiconductors
• Chemicals
• Petrochemical

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