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Size #5 Bag Vessel

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East Coast Filter, Inc.’s Industrial Heavy Duty Polypropylene Size #5 Bag Filter Vessel is ideal for applications with corrosive and aggressive chemicals where Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Vessels cannot be used. In conjunction with being used in applications with chemicals, these vessels are also commonly used where Brackish or Sea Water are present.



• Wide Range of Chemical Compatibility

• Hand-Tight Cover with Ergonomic Raised Handles for Easy Removal

• Perforated Polypropylene Internal Basket to hold a Standard Size #2 (4.12” x 24”) Bag Filter with a Plastic Flange

• (4) Bolt Holes on the Vessel Base for Easy Mounting

• Polypropylene Basket Hold Down 

• The Vessel is Tapped for a 1/2” Drain (Must be Drilled)



Material of Construction -  Polypropylene

O-Ring Seal - Viton, EPDM, Buna

Inlet/Outlet Connection - 2” Flange Side In/Opposite Side Out

Cover Gauge/Vent Port Tap - 1/2” NPT

Operating Temperature - 5°F to 140°F

Maximum Flow Rate - 79.25 GPM

Maximum Operating Pressure - 87 PSI (6 bar)


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