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Bag Filter Housings

Bulk Loading Filter Vessel

East Coast Filters Bulk Loading Filter is designed to filter liquid chemicals and petroleum based products that are transferred into bulk containers ensuring they are as clean as possible with flow rates up to 50 GPM.

Duplex Vessels

The D8 and Manifold Duplex Vessels consists of two or more filter vessels piped in series or parallel. East Coast Filter offers countless configurations and flow designs depending on the user's specific needs.

Multi Round Bag Filter Vessels

The MQB Multi Round Bag Filter Vessels and the Standard Multi Round Vessels are ideal for use where many bags are necessary and required. Both have a Maximum Pressure rating of 150PSI, which allows for use in a variety of applications.

Single Metal Bag Filter Vessels

The Single Metal Bag Filter Vessels are available in Aluminum, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel as well as in a Portable Option. Each of these vessels accept a Size #1 and Size #2 Bag.

Single Plastic Bag Filter Vessels

Both the Single Plastic Bag Filter Vessels, the Big Blue Bag and the PVC/CPVC, there are great pressure ratings range from 90-150 PSI. Both also offer ease of use and change out for a long vessel life.