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Paint Arrestor Pads

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The Series 99 Pads, Rolls, and Perforated Rolls are designed to provide high efficiency paint overspray collection. The easy to handle Polyester rolls and pads are non-toxic.

The Series 99 media consists of a white 1” coarse layer to facilitate overspray collection and retention. The red second layer is more dense to trap finer paint particles. When tested, the Series 99 media maintains efficiency 99.8% and greater on 62% high solids.

The rigid construction allows for high volume holding capacity, helping to prevent sag and collapse during loading. This results in less downtime for filter changes and higher production per shift.



The Series 99 Dual Ply Pads, Blankets, and Perforated Rolls are available in all standard sizes. We also offer custom “made to order” options to suit your particular installation requirements. From intake air to emissions control, East Coast Filter can help you identify the most efficient filtration combination for your particular booth.


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