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Series 635 Link Panels

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The Series 635 Self-Supported Panels and Links are designed for light commercial and industrial HVAC applications. Each filter is constructed of 100% Polyester Media with a 3 Ply design and is impregnated with two non-migrating tackifier. The first Ply is porous and traps large particles. The second Ply incorporates an internally applied wet tackifier to capture increasingly smaller particles. The third ply is designed with fine denier fibers and a dry tackifier for enhanced fine filtration. The Series 635 is a MERV 8 Efficiency Filter.

When packed in cartons, the panel design creates space savings that results in a 50% reduction in shipping, handling and warehousing over a standard case of 12 cardboard frame flat panel or pleated filters.

Available in a broad range of standard and custom sizes, these panels may be linked for optimal fit in any size system. When linked, Series 635 Panel Filters offer a number of advantages over cardboard framed pleated panels or Fiberglass Filters.



• 100% Polyester Media
• Non-Toxic Media
• Resistant to Microbial Growth
• 3 Ply Media
• MERV 8
• 30% Average Efficiency on ASHRAE 52.1
• Ease of Installation
• Leak-Proof Seal
• Available in Single Panels, Link Panels or Single Frames


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