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Vari+Plus GT

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Lowest Operating Resistance Produces Enormous Energy Cost Savings

Filter resistance has a significant impact on the power cost associated with operating a gas turbine. Vari+Plus GT has the lowest pressure drop of any high efficiency barrier filter which translates to thousands of dollars in energy cost savings.

The Vari+Plus GT-R Protects Sensitive machinery in Industrial Power Generation applications, specifically in Gas Turbines, Compressors, Turbocharged Engines, Fans and Blowers.


• Mini-Pleat Media Packs

• Low Resistance and Energy CostVariPlusGTDrawing.jpg

• Dual Density Media

• High Dust Holding Cpacity

• Durability and Reliability in wet operating conditions

• High Burst Strength

• No Rivets or Screws which elimintates risk of serious equipment damage

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