Pleated Bags

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ProPulse pleated bag filters are the most advanced filers you can install in baghouse dust collectors. Featuring spun-bonded Polyester medias with surface-loading characteristics, ProPulse filters boost efficiency, reduce emissions and lengthen filter service life compared to standard depth loading felt media.



• Double the filtration area increases capacity
• Lower initial and operating pressure drop
• Easier pulse cleaning cuts compressed air costs
• Shorter filters reduce abrasion from inlet
• Compact size speeds removal and installation
• Top and bottom load options
• Molded urethane top construction


• Foundries
• Paints and Pigments
• Chemicals
• Grain Handling
• Shotblast
• Pharmaceuticals
• Toners
• Silo Bin Vents

• Metals
• Fly Ash
• Rubber
• Cement
• Food
• Alumina
• Sand
• Fertilizer

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