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• Low pressure drop and low energy loss

• Flow rates up to 15,000 SCFM

• Meets a variety of air filtration requirements for several types of engines, compressors and blowers.



• Standard construction is of welded Carbon Steel, coated with an industrial enamel finish, providing strength and durability.

• Hoodless design used for indoor or sheltered applications that do not require protection from weather damage.

• Models may be mounted directly on machinery or piped to a remote location.

• Also available with Stainless Steel construction for additional strength and durability.

• May be modified or customized to meet your specific requirements



• Sizes of 2” to 24” are available

• Male NPT (MT) or plate flanges (FF) are standard

• Flanges match diameter and drilling for 150#ANSI

Optional connections available - Right angle base for side mounts (AF), female NPT (Ft), bevel (BV), and plain cut (PE).



• Replaceable, cleanable elements with radial fin design.

• Minimum pressure drop

• Maximum filter area and dirt holding capacity. Standard elements are manufactured with our #5 Polyester felt, providing efficiency of 98% on all particles of 10µ or larger.

• Replacement elements are avilable and highly recommended for these housings.

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