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Heavy Duty

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The Heavy Duty Expanded Permanent Metal Filter is ideal in rugged applications where an extra heavy duty Galvanized Steel filter is required. With the patented extra-heavy duty media and frame, the Heavy Duty Expanded Metal Filter can stand up to the majority of commercial applications such as handling units, industrial machinery as well as Grease hoods.  Designed to provide deeper dirt and grease penetration, the seven layers of Galvanized mesh create the perfect Air/Grease filter.



The filtering element is made from Galvanized Steel with a 28 gauge in thickness, expanded through .032 Corrugated Steel, expanded through specific feeds to assure maximum filtering and internal loading capabilities. Media is corrugated to a variety of depths to make up the depth of the Filter. The filter pad is encased in a Galvanized Steel frame secured at one corner with heavy rivets. These filters will  retain 240 grams of grease or 300 grams of dust per 2.25 sq.ft. Maximum resistance when clean is .075 wg at 350 FPM air velocity.


Made of durable steel, these filters are easily cleaned in a matter of minutes. They can be cleaned with mild soap and water, or by soaking them in whatever solution necessary. Galvanized steel resists corrosion. Drain holes are punched in the bottom, if not otherwise indicated, to allow for proper drainage after cleaning. These holes can also drain grease when applicable.

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