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Legacy Rigid Cell

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The New Legacy High Efficiency Filter is a perfect sustainable component for your next LEED/Green Building initiative. The Legacy is a MERV 15 product with extremely low initial resistance characteristics. MERV 15 is hospital compliant for full patient care. The Legacy is designed to help increase the overall filter efficiency in order to exceed LEED requirements of MERV 13 but still maintain or lower energy costs.

Media is molded into a series of preformed channels that direct the air smoothly through the filter. This unique process results in the lowest resistance of any high efficiency filter on the market.

For use where space is limited, 4” deep Legacy filters operate at 500 FPM with substantially lower resistance than the competitive 4”-6” deep filters. The 12” Legacy filters replace traditional 12” deep operating at 500-625 FPM with substantially lower resistance.



• 4” is MERV 11 & 14
• 12” is MERV 11 & 15
• Very low resistance
• High dust holding capacity
• All plastic construction
• Light weight
• Class 1 per U.L. Standard 900
• LEED/Green Building Initiative Certified
• Lowers energy costs



• Tough Operating Conditions
• Variable Air Volume Systems
• High Air Flow
• Turbulence
• Repeated Fan Shut Down
• High Moisture
• Some Chemical or Corrosive Conditions



Glue Adhesive Strips
The Beads of adhesive that are applied to the media help bond the pleats to form the solid rigid pack. The pleats are able to hold their shape and keep an open free flow of air in all types of operating conditions and there is no pleat deformation or blocking off.

Plastic Construction
The all plastic construction made of 100% Synthetic Polystyrene media makes them ideal for the most demanding  and tough operating conditions, including variable air volume systems, high air flow, turbulence, repeated fan shut down, high moisture, and some chemical or corrosive conditions.

With the plastic construction, the Legacy is also completely incinerable and light weight. They are moisture, chemical and corrosion resistant. The Legacy filters contain no metal components which means no rust or corrosion.


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