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Pleated MERV 11

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Only PowerGuard Filters are made with a totally new concept in media design consisting of 100% synthetic fibers that are needled, then electrostatically charged. The combined effect of these two processes sets a new standard in pleated filter performance with 70% minimum efficiency on 1-3 micrometer particles. PowerGuard filters are ideally suited for applications requiring higher efficiency on fine particulate compared to standard pleated filters.



• 1”, 2”, and 4” Thicknesses
• Die cut beverage board frame
• 14.3 Pleats per foot (2”)
• 100% Synthetic media
• 60-70% Efficiency, MERV 11



Needled Fibers
• Creates a dense mat - produces high mechanical efficiency
• Maximizes efficiency at a lower resistance

Uniform Pleat Shape
• Prevents dirt particles from shaking loose
• Assures maximum airflow with minimum resistance

Pleat Stabilizers
• 4” Deep Filters
• Individual die cut fingers that separate and stabilize
  each pleat
• Consistent pleat alignment - enhances dust holding
  capacity for longer service life

Bonded Media Pack
• Die cut beverage board to form a double wall around the
  perimeter of the filter.
• Unitized construction prevents bypass
• Strong and rigid construction

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