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Pad Holding Frames

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The S-76 Pad Holding Frame is designed with simplicity in mind. The Galvanized Steel frame gives the strength and life expectancy of a permanent filter without the hassle of having to take the filter to another location to have it cleaned, dried and then brought back to the air handling unit. After the initial cost of the S-76 frame, replacing the pad is very inexpensive.

The Galvanized Frame can handle air velocity up to 550 FPM where as Fiberglass and Polyester filters can only handle up to 350 FPM. Media available: Fiberglass, Polyester, Pleated, Foam, Hog Hair, Poly Flo, and a variety of Paint Arrestor material. East Coast Filter carries each of these products, in both bulk rolls and cut to size pads.

There is a variety of applications the S-76 Pad Holding Frame can be used in. Some of these include: Paint Booths, residential units (air conditioners and heaters), roof top units, unit ventilators, computer (air intake), machinery, and many other applications where up to 550 FPM air velocity is required.



An economical way to retain and change filter media. Larger pad frames require 2 X-Wires

Hinged Cross Gate
Cross shaped gate is extra sturdy and is attached at one side. Larger pad frames require 2 Hinged Cross Gates

Hinged Gate
Retains filter media with easy accessibility to change pads. Larger pad frames require 2 Hinged Gates. Not available on 1/2” frames.



There are a series of standard and custom sizes available for purchase in each of the three frame options. The custom sizes are made to the customers exact specifications. There is no minimum order on these special sizes as well as the standard size frames. The Special size backing consists of expanded media and is available in depths from 1/2” to 6” thick.


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