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Micro Guard LR

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Micro Guard LR is the result of combining new technologies in both the development of filter media and pleating technology. The media is a hybrid synthetic incorporating proven proprietary processes. Pleated media packs are manufactured using proprietary equipment, which incorporates non-metal adhesive separators to maintain pleat geometry and spacing.

This cutting-edge Embossed Pleat (E-Pleat) Technology guarentees maximum airflow (low resistance) and maximum dust holding throughout the service life of the filter. As a result of this combination of media and pleating technology, media packs designed for the Micro Guard LR are unsurpassed in strength which reduces chances for damage during handling and installation


• 99%+ Efficiency on 0.3 micrometer particles
• Available in High-Impact Plastics (HIPS)
• E-Pleat proprietary media
• Available in 4 sizes
• Standard dove-tail interlocking gasketing
• Available in single header, box styles, or metal core sides
• U.L. Class 2



• Hospitals and Acute-Care Centers
• Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities
• Museums and Theaters
• Asbestos Abatement
• Low and High Rise Commercial Buildings
• Schools and Universities
• Federal, State and Municipal Buildings
• Food Processing Facilities
• General Containment



Cell Sides
The Micro Guard LR is available in High-Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), single header and box designs. Metal cell sides are
also available. The HIPS cell sides allow for less expensive disposal methods (including incineration.)

Dove-tail interlocking gasketing is standard. Gaskets are 0.75” x 0.25” and are furnished for use in side-access housings.
Other gasketing material and placement options are available upon request.


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